The Miracle of the Sun

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The Miracle of the Sun

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On October 13, 1917, the world witnessed one of the greatest miracles of all time: the Miracle of the Sun.

The miracle itself was unique in salvation history: a public miracle whose occurrence was literally announced three months in advance by the Mother of God. This announcement was made through the three shepherd children of Fatima, Portugal — Lucia (Lucy) dos Santos and her two cousins, Francisco and Jacinta Marto — during the apparition of the Blessed Mother on July 13th of that year.

And for Her part, Our Lady did not disappoint...

Irrefutable Proof

That day, in a driving rainstorm, some 70,000 people — believers and non-believers alike — assembled in the Cova da Iria in Fatima to witness for themselves what had been prophesied: a miracle by Our Lady.

The rain had been non-stop and the people that gathered were thoroughly drenched, in some cases, standing ankle-deep in mud. But just before the miracle began, the rain came to a sudden halt and the clouds cleared from the sky.

Then, beginning at precisely midday, when the sun was at its highest point in the sky, the vast crowd witnessed the sun defy all of the laws of physics.

The events of that day are not a matter of hearsay, but of actual reported fact. As just one example, we can point to the observations of Avelino de Almeida, Editor in Chief of O Seculo, the great “liberal,” anticlerical and Masonic daily of Lisbon:

“From the road, where the cars were packed together, and several hundred people had remained, not having had the courage to advance towards the muddy field, one could see the immense multitude turn towards the sun, which appeared at its zenith, coming out of the clouds.

“It resembles a dull silver disc, and it is possible to fix one’s eyes on it without the least damage to the eye. It does not burn the eyes. It does not blind them. One might say that an eclipse was taking place.

“An immense clamor bursts out, and those who are nearer to the crowd hear a shout: ‘Miracle! Miracle! Prodigy!... Prodigy!...’

“The attitude of the people takes us back to biblical times. Stupefied and with heads uncovered, they watch the blue sky. Before their dazzled eyes the sun trembled; the sun made unusual and brusque movements, defying all the laws of the cosmos; and according to the typical expression of the peasants, ‘the sun danced.’”

Dr. Almeida Garrett, professor of the Faculty of Sciences at Coimbra, was also on hand to describe the events of that day. A man of science, he was used to making subtle and precise observations. He observed:

“During the solar phenomenon… there were changes of color in the atmosphere. Looking at the sun, I noticed that everything was becoming darkened. I looked first at the nearest objects and then extended my glance further afield as far as the horizon.

“I saw everything an amethyst color. Objects around me, the sky and the atmosphere, were of the same color. An oak tree nearby threw a shadow of this color on the ground.

“Soon I heard a peasant who was near me shout out in tones of stupefaction: ‘Look, that lady is all yellow!’ And in fact everything both near and far had changed, taking on the color of old yellow damask. People looked as if they were suffering from jaundice and I recall a sensation of amusement at seeing them look so ugly and unattractive. My own hand was the same color.”

To everyone’s astonishment, when the apparition was over, all these people, who were soaked by the rain and kneeling in a mire of mud, found themselves and their clothing to be dry and clean within moments of the Miracle of the Sun. Likewise the mud on the ground had dried instantly and completely.

To be sure, virtually everyone who witnessed these events regarded them as miraculous, including those who described themselves as “non-believers” and atheists. For further details of the Miracle of the Sun, see “The Message and the Miracle”.

Our Lady of Fatima kept Her promise and delivered concrete proof of Her appearances to a skeptical and unbelieving world.

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Heaven's Seal of Approval


Our Lady of Fatima predicted the miracle that was to take place on October 13, 1917, “so that all may believe.”

The Miracle of the Sun, an absolutely unique event in the modern history of the Church, certainly had that desired effect on those who witnessed it, even with atheists and non-believers.

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