After Effects on the Children

And in her third memoir, Lucy writes:

“... some of the things revealed in the secret made a very strong impression on Jacinta. This was indeed the case. The vision of hell filled her with horror to such a degree that every penance and mortification was as nothing in her eyes, if it could only prevent souls from going there.

“Ever since the day Our Lady taught us to offer our sacrifices to Jesus, any time we had something to suffer or agreed to make a sacrifice, Jacinta asked: ‘Did you already tell Jesus it’s for love of Him?’ If I said I hadn’t, she answered: ‘Then I’ll tell Him’, and joining her hands, she raised her eyes to Heaven and said: ‘Oh Jesus, it is for love of You, and for the conversion of sinners!’”

After the vision of hell, the three children yearned more and more to be left alone to say their prayers and make their sacrifices for Our Lady. So filled were they with the thought of pleasing the Lady that nothing else counted, neither singing nor dancing, not even the flute playing of little Francisco.

The children would use every opportunity available to offer sacrifices for poor sinners, making good use even of the repressive summer heat.

On one summer day in particular, the cool hours of the morning gave way to the stifling heat of the day. The children burned with thirst, but there was not a drop of water near. Instead of complaining, seven-year-old Jacinta seemed happy.

“How good it is,” she said. “I am thirsty but I offer everything for the conversion of sinners.”

Lucy realized she should look after her cousins, so she went to a nearby house to fetch some water. When she returned, she offered it first to Francisco.

“I don’t want to drink,” the nine-year-old boy said, “I want to suffer for sinners.”

“Jacinta, you drink it,” Lucy said.

“I also want to offer a sacrifice.”

So Lucia poured out the water into the hollow of a rock for the sheep to drink and returned the empty jug to the house.

Jacinta, however, became very weak and was almost fainting. The rhythmic noises of crickets, frogs and insects began to pound in her ears like thunder. Holding her head in her hands, she cried out in utter desperation, “My head aches so. Tell the crickets and frogs to stop.”

“Don’t you want to suffer this for sinners?” Francisco asked.

“Yes, I do, let them sing.”

And even the very thoughts of the children were devoted to saving souls.

“What are you thinking about, Jacinta?” Lucia asked one morning, noticing a cloud of sadness veiling her face.

“I am thinking of hell, and poor sinners. How sorry I am for the souls that go to hell ... the people there, alive, burning as wood in the fire.”

Sadly, many modernist theologians have managed to persuade people in our times into giving no importance to the dogma and reality of hell. It is a way of thinking that goes directly against the vision and explanation presented by Our Lady, and because of this error, many souls go to hell, lost for all eternity.

Like the children of Fatima, we too must do penance and make sacrifices to save souls from hell. Because if we don’t, many souls will be lost, maybe even our own.

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